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Validator Automation Deployment


Those are bunch of script to deploy RENEC validator automatically. You don't need to care about install RENEC tool suite, create executable files for renec and renec-sys-tuner. All you need to do is clone RENEC validator repo and do exactly 4 steps:

  1. Install ruby on your local machine
  2. Run bundle install to install needed gems
  3. Add/update server on config/deploy/renec.rb
  4. Run bin/deploy to start deploying

Setup vote account#

After deploying successfully, your node can work as a RPC node but not validator, to make your node become a validator, you need to do some steps:

  1. Deposit some RENEC to ~/renec-cluster/keypairs/validator-identity.json for voting fee and execution fee.
  2. Set validator-identity as execution keypair
renec config set --keypair ~/renec-cluster/keypairs/validator-identity.json
  1. Create vote account
renec create-vote-account ~/renec-cluster/keypairs/validator-vote-account.json ~/renec-cluster/keypairs/validator-identity.json ~/renec-cluster/keypairs/validator-withdrawer.json

Tada, your validator is up, you can see your validator by command:

renec validators


If you have finished those above steps, you dont' need to care about Install RENEC Tool Suite, Starting validator, Vote Account Management sections below.